Montag, 20. April 2015

Fifth week - Budapest to Subotica

Wednesday the 15th of April
I rode from Budapest in the south. Actually i don't know where i stopped my tour. The sun was going down and I was happy to see a "free room" sign next to me. Rode about 70KM.

My room. :)

Next day I startet and a fisherman had a lucky morning. He told me (if I understand him right?), that this was his biggest catch this year. :)

This is how my way looks for the most of the day. To every house on the left, you see a jetty at the right. Some where really beautiful. :)
Here the menu of a restaurant.... I ate potatoes with mayonnaise. :P
28 degree today. :) This road was quiet difficult to drive, cause I was always sunken in the sand. 

Everybody enjoyed the sun! :)

Here I decided to camp during the night. :)
Warmed my meal directly on the fire. (NEVER DO IT LIKE THIS! My meal tasted totally bitter!)

Friday the 17th of April

Next day was a bit rainy again. :(
but never mind!
I saw a lot of animals in the wild. :)

Bambis. :)

The stork.

He invited me to his home.... I followed. :D Here he told me, that he has to bring a present to one of my friends. But to who, I wouldn't tell you jet. :D

Some sun in the afternoon.

In the next pictures you see a privat collection of war machines. The car in front of the building had the label "District 33". Maybe something like a club of collectors?

In the middle of the day, I went in a restaurant. Here I meet Marianne and her husband. They told me about a thermal bath not far from here. As I looked out in the rain, I decided to change my route and ride to the thermal bath in Kiskunhalas.
Nice to see a different kind of a church - here in Kiskunhalas.
Friendly couple showed me the way. :)
To my accommodation for the night.

At the next day I went to the thermal bath and meet this nice guys. (Josef, Andre, Me and Igor on the picture). We had a really funny time, cause we had a similar mindset and kind of humor. Josef for example told me, that in the past the women run for him.... but this stops as he was stopping to steal handbags.... ;D They are on a tour, to see where Josef, the father of Andre and Igor lived as young man. Nice idea as I think! Have a good trip guys!


In this picture I want to show you the road in Hungary (But it is not so good to see). There was always a big rut in the road, so you could decide, if you want to drive directly in the middle of the road, or on the 10 to 15cm beside the rut.

My first border to cross. :)

And arrived in Serbia. :)

Here the road was directly better than in Hungary.

Some impressions from Subotica.

Daniel showed me directly the way to a Hotel, which was recommended to me. :)

Town hall in the night.
After I rode three times trough the hole city I had to check in to this 3* hotel. Was a bit expensive, but I had chocolate on my pillow and a folded towel. (yeeeah the small things :P ).
Sunday the 19th of April
I decided to stay one more night in Subotica. I went to the marked and bought with my hands and feet some food for the day. :) The shops was mostly mixed with there goods. Most of them had a topic, but others had here some chicken, beside it some shower gel and deo from the same seller.

Here a wedding in front of the town hall.

Today Monday the 20th of April I will start my way to Novi Sad, which is told me as the most beautiful city of Serbia. After this I will go to Belgrad. :)
Hopefully the summer comes this week :D
Cheers! :)




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