I'm Jakob, from Frankfurt am Main in Germany,
on my way to my biggest adventure - the world with all of it's colors, odors and faces..! :)

In 2009 I walked the Camino de Santiago through Spain and decided that I want to see the world. A nine to five job, everyday the same things, that can't be everything. So I started to safe some money for a few years to work on my dream. Jumping out of the wheel of society to travel the world!

I sold what I didn't need anymore and started in March 2015 in Frankfurt am Main in Germany with my bicycle. Along the river Danube I cycled nine countries through Europe, over Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. From there on I traveled by public transportation through Asia and made my way to Australia. With this blog I want to give you some impression about the different countries I visited and the experiences I made. In the section "Travel Tips" and "Places to go" you get some benefits for visiting my page. Feel free to invite me for a beer over the donate me button in the bottom of the page. :) 

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The last 1,5 years traveling showed me a lot of different countries, with their different lifestyles and their way to see the world. So many interesting people with their individual stories and ways to see life. Germany is a nice country, but unfortunately the most people don't cherish the given things. With this blog I want to share my experiences a bit and hope to animate the people to get out of your comfort zones and explore the world. Feel free to write me, if you have any questions about my journey, your journey, a destination or something else you have in mind.