A really impressive monument. The roof starts to fall off, but you still can climb in the building and walk the stairs right to the top. You can see it about 40km? Really impressive!



Hikers Hostel - Rooms okay, Breakfast included (10 Euro/night)



Hostel Mostel - For now the best hostel on my way! Nice chill area, relaxed people and administration. Big breakfast (with brown bread, white bread, frech fruits, yoghurt, müsli, tea, coffee, and FRESH WAFFELS!!!) and a dinner included (6 Euro/night in 18 Bed Doorm / for up to 10 Euro it gets smaller until a 2 Person room)


Velico Tarnowo

Hostel Mostel - Similar to the one in Sofia. A bit smaller but same Service (10 Euro/night in 8 Bed Room)