Phnom Penh - The B52 Guesthouse was clean and save. (Dorm room with A/C was 5 Dollar - Single room is 15)

Siem Reap - Ankor (Wat)
My recommendation for the Ankor region would be like this: First do the museum with an Audio Tour. Here you get all the facts you need and more. I did a guided tour. But honestly - all the kings had kind of the same name, only the numbers changed. The Khmer people are not sure about there own history. So you get a bunch of information and I only remember the cultural stuff about the country, that really interests me. If you are into all dates, you can do the guided tour, otherwise you can save the money. If you want a guide it will cost you around 35 Dollar for a day tour. Plus a tuck tuck for another 15. The costs of a guide you can split between the people in the group,however the tuck tuck only by the persons in the tuck tuck. Keep in mind, that the guide also has to have a seat (5 persons in one is possible, but not very comfy).

Take the three day ticket for 40 Dollar:
- Day one: Take a Bicycle and do the small loop. Start in Ankor Wat for the sunrise and as soon as you have your sunrise picture you go against the normal route first to Ankor Thom in the north. and follow the small circuit.
- Day two: Rent a scooter and do the big loop. (was the priciest scooter for 15 Dollar I had so far)

- Day three: Go to the Rolous Group in the east of Siem Reap (around 16KM). Here you can take pictures without tourists around when you are lucky. :P Afterwards you can drive to the two temples in the north (around 30KM to 50KM). You should start not later than around twelve o'clock, because it is around an hour ride and an hour to climb up. I didn't manage because I was too late. But they should be really nice and more detailed than the rest.

Siem Reap - Smily Guesthous, The Smiliy Guesthouse is a very nice Guesthouse from a Cambodian family. A double room is 12 Dollar. If you haggle friendly you can get it for 8 Dollar. It has no pool and no party, but is a nice place to stay. The old man could get a bit scratchy but you don't have to become friends (8 Dollar double room / 13 Dollar A/C)

Sihanoukville - Koh Rong Samloem - Full Moon Party - A nice location on the top of a little hill in Koh Rong Samloen. The party it self was nice, cause we met nice people. The prices for the drinks are fair. But no decoration and at 2 o'clock no more beer, at 5 o'clock no more water. So we had to leave. I prefer the Kafuafle.

Sihanoukville - Koh Ta Kiev - Kactus / Coral Beach- Booth are places where you have nothing. And that what it's about! Bungalows without doors cause you are a family there. Very nice stuff and AWESOME food! Go and check it out. (Hammock 5/ bungalow 15)

Sihanoukville - Otres Beach - Everythang - Nice bungalows on the beach of Otres one. Comfy place, nice owner that loves and lives techno music. If you DJ feel free ask for a playtime. Very nice sunsets! (bungalow 2 person fan 12 Dollar/ 3 person 16 / dorm 5 Dollar)

Sihanoukville - Otres Beach - Night market - At Otres two there is a night market at Saturday night. They have some live music with an open mic. Nice art stuff. A bit more expensive than usual, but also very nice.

Sihanoukville - Otres Beach - Kafuafle Jungle Party - A very nice party with techhouse to techno. Fair prices for the drinks. Nice area. Have a look at the giant wheel that is driven by a scooter and goes very fast. :D In the night we where there the engine broke down. I guess I wouldn't drive with it, but nice to see. :P