Arambol (Goa)

NoName Guesthouse - Rooms are nice, food is also good.


Sea Breaze - had a two floors room with 2 Beds for 700 in the season start (for one week). Nice stuff and save place for us. In the double beds also two couples can sleep, so 4 persons.



Anjuna (Goa)

White Negro - Rooms are nice and in European standard. Clean toilet. Minus - no food and in the rooms behind no WiFi (700 per night at the start of the season for one week. In season around 1000).


Budda Three Restaurant - Nice stuff, good food for fair prices. Check out the chiku shake!!!! A fruit you can get really rarely.


Cafe Lilliput - Nice location with speakers to the beach. Floor is indoor. A bit hot, but still nice. Beer is 100 Rupies. Thursdays Techno presure. Saturday party music.

Curlies - Open air dancefloor with a nice flair. Also a cafe to rest. One of the oldest locations in Goa.

Hippie Marked - Nice stuff, from the random shops to some really nice handmade stuff. (Take care about the guys who want to stick something in your ears. They come and say something like "soap, soap" and point on your ear. I didn't get it in the first moment. Than I had a middle ear infection)

UV Bar - Wednesdays Drum and Bass. Beer is a bit expensive with 200 Rupies

Shiva Valley - The first psytrance location in Goa. Very nice place. Indoor but a good air circulation.


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 Famous for shopping fabrics and getting tailor made stuff, but don't let them fool you :P




Known as the most spiritual city in India Varanasi is famous for it's burning gats. Here the people are told that they can escape from the reincarnation and come in the nirvana. The streets are small, crowded, it smells, it is dirty but this is pur India. A nice place to be for a while and for sure a memorie you wont forget!