Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

Fourth week Viena to Budapest

Monday the 6th of April
I rode from Viena to Bratislava in Slovakia. The weather was a bit mixed, but good at all. Here are some impressions :)
Citypark in Viena. :)

Along the Danube.


Nice clouds :)

A castle shortly bevor Bratislava

This was an animal in the woods I never seen before. Maybe someone knows what it is? I tried to feed it, but it feign death.

An old mansion.

Bratislava close in front of me :)

Passing the border to Slovakia. 

Old tank blockades from the war.

An old bunker.

"A bridge with an UFO on it" was the description of the way. YES now I know what you mean. :P

Beverly Bratislava :P

The castle of Bratislava.

The UFO again.

Arrived at Ivans home. Here we cooked together. 

Ivans working desk with a funny engineering for a third monitor and his cool headphones. :D

Thuesday the 7th of April.

Ivan helped me with my stuff and we said good bye. I rode trough a little part of Bratislava.

A part of Bratislava.
The day was a bit boring cause I rode always along a canal. In the beginning the wind came from the front, riding was very exhausting and in about 3 hours I only had about 30 KM on my clock. I was depressed. After I rode wrong in the evening and came in a branch of the Danube, where the road ends my feeling wasn't better. I decided to put up my tent and sleep costless this night. I startet to make a fire, eat something of my bear-garlic and enjoy the sunset. It is really impressive, how good a man can feel, warmed by the self made fire and eating the self collected things out of the woods. :P :D
Duckparking along the Danube 

Ivan showed me fresh bear-garlic and told me where I can finde it beside the road. Really cool! :)
Lunch for today - Nudelklumpen with bear-garlic.

Did somebody know for what this round balls are? I saw them a view times on the way.

My home for today.

Could be worser than here. :)
Feuer gemacht!
Tuesday the 7th until Thursday the 9th of April
Tomorrow I'm going to meet Volker, who is visiting me. He searched a place on my road, where I can have a cheap rest and send me to Tata in Hungary. As I arrived, I was really impressed by the beauty of this place. Tata has a small castle, a lake and a lot of holiday resorts. Usually Volker an me wanted to camp at the Danube, but we decided to stay at this nice place. Was really nice days! But have a little look :)
Riding again. :)
Little horses standing beside the road.

Found this dead hawk and stole his feather.
Maybe this nature thing gone through with me a bit, but the feathers are really nice. :)

First pictures in Hungary. :)

Trys with the zoom-objective.

Tata from far away.
Here I decided, that I should stay here longer. :)

Next day I had Hungarian salami for breakfast. Delicious! :)
Next day -Volker arrived in the afternoon. Thanks for your visit, I really enjoy the time with you! :)
Something like grilling in the afternoon. :)

Friday the 10th of April and the weekend
This day I was riding to Budapest and looking forward to see my colleagues Alex, Bertalan, Daniel, Konstantin and Ralf, how are on a weekend trip to see the city. Volker and me had breakfast at the see again and said goodbye. The 73 KM today were really hard, cause there were many small steeply hills. It was a hot day which makes riding event more exhausting, but I wont weight down the sunshine after all the rainy days! :P

Steepy roads on my way to Budapest.

Nice color play. :)

Sun sun sun!


After I arrived in Budapest I startet in the night with Ralf, who arrived first from the group. The others arrived time by time and we had a great night! Bert, who lived in Budapest made the tourist guide so we came to the enjoyment to eat without mistakes at the good places and see the important things with nice background infos. Was a really great time! Thanks for that guys! Here are some impressions for you :)
Inside here is a little food cornor, where you can get delicious food. I tryed the typical Hungarian cheese Spätzle. ;P 

Here you see the Scimpla, which I show you in the latest part of this post. :) Really nice place!

At the Bors we had a really great breakfast. They have a daily card with nice soups, bread and fresh drinks for fair prices.

I ate the ham-baguett. :)

At the Danube, behind Ralf and me, you see the castle. :)
In front of the big Basilika.


Bert showed us the best icecream shop in Budapest!

Everybody is happy about his icecream...

...even so happy that a short moment of love was in the air!

Went up on the Basilika (or down at this moment.. :P).

Up on the Basilika.

And inside :)

The parliament of Budapest is the second biggest in Europe, behind the westminster abbey in London.

The oldest bridge in Budapest.
Up on the hill, where the castle is in front of a church. :)

The gang! :)

Standing in the sun, for hours and hours... 

A motorbike group. :)

The view to the Pest side of Budapest.

Old ruins on the hill.
Me in the backside the parliament.


In the night, after a meal we went to a club. Here they had a cool decoration and they can open and close the roof. Really nice! :)

Here the entrance of the club. The other pictures I had to censor in case of to much porno! :P

Next day we went to the spar. Here you see the house of terror.

Security dog.

After the spar we had great burgers.... you can see here. :D

Goa Mama :D
Then the guys had to leave and we said goodbye. I checked in to a hostel and had a great sleep this night! :P
Monday the 13th of April
I meet Martin again and we had a nice day in Budapest. He rode with me through the city, we had a look in the Szimpla which really impressed me. Here are a view pictures of it!

Heellloooo :D

You have different things to interact with. Here Martin turned on the wheel. :P

The garden.

Here a little map. Every room with its own surprises.

Other way of table-soccer D:

This room was the one with the most interaction. Here you had a board, to press some buttons which all had an other funny function. :)
Here the board. :)

Fear and loathing in Budapest. :)


Parliament at night. 

In the afternoon we cooked together with Martins girlfriend Aurelie a tasty risotto. After this we went out in the Morrisons2, cause it was Monday and Monday is Morissons day. :D
One on one kicker :D

A Monday in the Morrisons2. This is only the relaxing part of the club. It has two floors in ground and two more in the cellar, one with karaoke. Awesome! xD 
Thanks Martin and Aurelie for this great day and night! :)
Wednesday the 15th of April. 
I still hang around in Budapest. Today I want to checkout and after I get my money out of the ATM a man beside me on the automat asked me, if I want to change my 10.000 Forint with his both 5.000..... I turned around and asked the woman behind me "are this forint?". She said.. yes, looks like. So I changed it and became 10.000 "something". Event the employee of the bank couldn't tell me, what currency it is. So now I will go to the police and advert the guy. After this I will start to ride to Belgrad and enjoy the sun on my bike. :)
Which you all a great start in the summer!





Second week - Monday the 23th until Monday the 30th

Monday the 23th of march
After my stay in the hospital I startet slowly from Würzburg.

The sign at my door in the hospital.... :P

The poo-chair become a move-chair

Church in Würzburg at the eastside.
The ship is called the "Arte Noah" and has - surprise - an art gallery in it :D :)

The Arte Noah again :)

Church in a hill :)
Again :)

Marktbreit was the city with the most oldest buildings I have seen on the road for now. (from the center I made no pictures, cause it is f%&'!* stepply :P )

Also Marktbreit

My first stop to sleep after Würzburg brought me to Hüttenstadt and a private room from family Nagler. A realy nice room for only 30 Euro with breakfast.
My bathroom.

Sleepingroom with balcony.
A big wodden horse :)

Thuesday the 25th of march
The breakfast from Family Nagler. (a so huge breakfast, that I could have lunch from it :P )

After the Breakfast I drove to Nürnberg. A few KM before Nürnberg in Fürth I decided to sleep the first night im my tent, so I searched for a nice place to stay. I found it behind some threes at a small river, where less people can see me.
I used my cooking stuff the first time and made some spaghetti pesto. :)
My tent with a tarp under it.

I ate in the tent and watched some TV :P Was a feeling a bit like at home. :) In the morning at the small river some people made a water test. I cryed to them if everything is okay, with the water. “Not really!” was the answer. The same water I cooked my dinner with :P But I cleaned it with my waterfilter and cooked it, so it should be not a big problem. After this start in the day I drove trough Nürnberg. I only saw a small part of it, but this part was not really beautifull. Sunstudios, bet-and-win-shops, bedraggled houses... in the time I drove along the mainstreet, the police was three times bothers with a crowd of wicked people, clearing problems.
I visited a bycicle store and Dieter, the owner helped me, to measure my correct position on the bike. After this my knee problems are away now!
MUCH thanks to Dieter from Pedelec in Nürnberg!!! I could really recommend you this store. Professional and helpfully! (
This is the Zeppelin-Arena in Nürnberg. A really old sportarena. 

Still in use from the youngsters... :P

...and the older ones. :)
As I arrived at Feucht, a part of Nürnberg, a known person opened the door - Dominik. I already know him from some party's at home. What a nice surprise. :)
Dominik and me :)

Wednesday the 26th of march
Dominik let me sleep a bit longer and already left, while I stud up. Today I found no motivation.... A cloudy day and I have to sleep in my tent. I left late and stopped bevor I reached the street, to eat a sausage. After the next 50 meter I stopped again to eat a piece of cake :D Then a message from Kai from warmshowers reached me, that he will host me for the night. So I could drive full motivated now, looking forward to a warm bed. :)
The day was cloudy and a bit boring, so I spend my time in training to pee while driving. In the beginning it dosen't work well, but time by time, it worked better.....
here you can see traces from the beaver 
I was surprised about this tripods. After a while, I saw that hawks rest on it, and search for feed. Later I get explained from Gabi, that it is a pitty, that people have to do this. Cause we have to do this, in case that there are no threes any more.

Ih-Ah :)

Little figures on the way :)

Looks like the little lamp from Daniel Düsentrieb.

Spider Thekla :)

first it looks not that impressive, until I saw the little man riding it. :D

As I reached Beilngries, and drove through Kais street a woman came to me, laughing and asked, where I want to go to. As I told her, that I'm searching for somebodies home, she said “oh you want to Kai – we invated you for dinner tonight” :D 

Arrived at Kais home I became a warm welcome and also a warm shower, which was a very special one.... :)

Kais warm shower in his garden. Was really romantic. :)


Kai is an artist and makes nice status out of wood.
Kais Garden
My favorite figure :)

Kais atelier

Kais livingroom.

from the other side. :)

Later we had dinner at Gabis home. There where two Gabis, the one I meet on the street already and the one we visited at home. She makes beautifully things out of earthenware. We had a great meal and nice conversations. :) 

At the house of Gabi in her beautiful kitchen.
Johanna, Gabi, Gabi and Kai. :)
Friday the 27th of march
We had a good breakfast and Kai and Johanna left, cause Johanna had to take a flight to Schottland, where she will be for the next two month. I packed my things and startet my tour also. Today I drove the biggest distance for now, with 75KM. I reached Regensburg and checked in to a nice hostel. I planned to have a rest, and go out in the night, but I sleeped until a snaring neighbor waked me (at 7 o'clock!!!!).
Me after riding up a hill. (still the hamster-hiccup-problem) :P

This is a "road" my navigation system recommended me - straight ahead! WTF?!

Saturday the 28th of march
I had breakfast and talked to a view people in the livingroom of the hostel. Afterwords I went out with Kasem to see a bit of Regensburg.

The Dom from Regensburg

Me and the Dom from Regensburg

Beautiful details. :)

Kasem explaining the living statue in front of him, that he forgot to paint a spot on his shoe. :P

A really funny sign at a house at the Donau-promenade of Regensburg! While I was laughing about it and told a nun, that it looks realy serious, she explained us the background of this story. There was a man, who was a bus driver. He wanted to open a buscompany here and the government of Regensburg forbid it, cause it's not fancy enough for the Dona-promenade. For any reason the building was burned down and he decided to give the Dona-promenade a special touch, with this kind of commercial sign. A really funny story :D What goes around, comes around :P
(Translation of the sign: TO SELL - Every usage allowed! 1 Squaremeter only 8.000 Euro.  Money only cash in a Suitcase! No check, no banktransfer!)

A part of the old citywall of the romans.

Today I drove a smaller distance, with 50KM to Straubing.


Here was not much space between the house and the cliff.

Here the family of my friend Volker welcomed me really heartfull. :) His mother Eva and her husband Peter. We had dinner with nice conversations and afterwords I was picked up from Petra. Petra is an old friend and we went out for a beer and talking about the old and the new things in live. :)


                                                 Petra brought me "some" proteins :D

Sunday the 29th of march
In the morning I got a really big breakfast from Eva and Peter. After I prepared my bike with the new bottleholder Eva recived for me, we said good bye and I startet my tour.

Peter and Eva.

Today a bigger distance again with 80KM. The weather wasn't that good, but with backwind I drove really fast :)

Cloudy day, but had a good ride. :)

I had always the feeling, that my saddle fits not correct, and the position I needed, isn't possible with the actual configuration (I talked with my sister and we came to the decision that it will be the best, to buy a new one in Germany already. But there is only one day in Germany left with the actual planning).
As I drove through a small village, I wondered about a bicycle shop... open at sunday?! A SIGN! :D Here I have to buy my new saddle! As I walked in, I saw a brand which already Matze and Dieter recommended me. S-Q Labs, a saddle which is special healthy for the reproductive performance of a man. ;) So after a view tests with the new saddle on my bike I bought it.


Tadaaaa my new saddle!

Early, at around 4pm I arrived in Passau, my fin for today. Here I was welcomed from Steffi and Lucas. Also Steffis partner Fabian arrived with me. We had nice conversations, Lucas and I had a Sandwich and had deeply conversations about the big things in live – women :D

Monday the 30th of march
We had breakfast in the morning

Lucas, Fabian and Steffi. :)
The rest of monday I will write in the next post, cause my internetconnection here is so lame, that I get angry now and want to leave. :P 
Thought of the day: Don't take everything so serious! ;) Which you all a great week and a nice easter-weekend! I will be in Viena at this weekend, I think. :)



Dienstag, 17. März 2015

Monday the 16th of march 2015. I started in Aschaffenburg and drove to the first city in the Spessart – Haibach. Here i had to altitude of 145 meters. This was allready realy exhausting and after the first hour i feelt dead for the day!

What I didn't knew, was that there will follow about altitude of 400 meters! The hardest moment was, as my navigation routes me to a vale where the only way up again is about 100 meters of stairs.... but there was no stairs!? The only thing there was, was a muddy forest path and a realy hard pitch, as you can see a little bit in the pictures below.

The beginning of the muddy way "upstairs"
Here I have marked the part where I had to carry my bike up.

After this action I decided that I wont trust the GPS-System in his own made routs anymore! I searched for the B8, a big road which should bring me to my fin Karbach. As you can see in the highsprofil the exhausting ascent was not the last one, and with a hurting knee on the road I often thought about stopping and putting up my tent.... If a traktor passes me, I thought about to attach myself with my bicycle... If a bus passes me I had thoughts like “oh only one station up the hill!” …..Time for a beer!!! After the beer I had still 18 KM to Karbach, but the following two little hills are the last one. After this I only have to drove downwards. So with the frech bravery of the beer I went on!

It was already dark as I reached the top of my route and I screamed a winner cry for beating the hill!

After an easy ride until Marktheidenfeld only downwards I had a last little Hill about 3 KM, but it was okay, cause my target is closer than ever :D Finaly I was cordially recived by Matze, my first warmshowers host. While I was showering, he cooked me some sauteed potatoes with eggs. :) (Matze took two egg-yolks out of one egg!)

Tuesday the 17.03.2015

Cause of the two egg-yolks, my knee which is hurting again and cause I have no rush, I decided to stay one more day in Karbach, with Matze. He is a forester and invited me, to join him at work. I decided to do a half day, so I could sleep enough (uuuhhh yeeeah, about 10 hours!!!). After we had lunch together, Matze picked me up and we drove to the woods.

Here Matze showed me his region in the woods (maybe not in this fingerpoint)

We picked up his colleague Jörg and startet to archive trees to sell.

Matze and Jörg at work

In the right you see the mark for the three. In the middle you see, that an ant also likes this Buche :)

The region Spessart is famous for oaks like this one. This oak is about 300 years old and a very nice exemplar.
After the threes are felled a big truck pulls them out off the woods. My nephew would like this one :)

For Niels :)

This kind of trucks can move better in the forrest than a tank, cause every tire has an own suspension.

This is an old millstone which was build in the forrest, but it was left behind cause it's broken

This is a very old building (about 100 years old), which is from one of the last factories which make real wooden cases (Echtholz Holzfuniere aus Eiche z. B.). The building is very impressive cause it is about four floors and no screw in it. Everything is made out of wood even the connectors!

Other side of the factory

This was the third day of my trip and allready seen so many things. Thanks to Matze, how took me with him. Tomorrow i will drive to Würzburg. My knee is still not in a good condition, but I will drive on slowly. Greetings to all of you :)


Sonntag, 15. März 2015

It's Friday the 13th in the middle of the night and I'm walking trough my empty flat. Now I'm realising that the big trip that I'm working towards since 3 years is starting tomorrow. I don't feel prepared enough but after the last exhausting days tired enough to sleep well. Packed all my things as you can see in a first shot on the page “Items & Things”.

I had really nice farewells with my friends, my colleagues and of course my family. Thank you all for this very nice time, the nice words and of course all the presents in form of mojos, pictures, little letters and not at least money! (as i made the pictures the most of the presents and cards are allready packed in my basement, so i made no foto of all of it, sry) I think I can survive the next weeks only with the presents of my friends and colleagues. But I will report about that. :)

Saturday the 14th! Now it's showtime! :D
After a last short breakfast and a nice saying goodbye with my family and some good friends the first route is bringing me to Aschaffenburg, where I meet up with my sisters family again.
On the road I also meet some friends for a last goodbye. So much people around me, that there is no idea about the feeling of loneliness which is expected in the next few days and weeks.... :)
Here with Edith und Steffen, how joined me for a few kilometers.

Here with Mell and Nico, how also joined me for a few kilometers.
Here with Mell and Sebastian, how brought me until my sisters house. :)

Now the first day is over around 50 kilometers are done and my knees are hurting. I't was a good decision to have a day rest before the next trip starts tomorrow to Karlstadt. There I will have my first rest at a warmshowers host. I'm psyched up! :)

(how finds any spelling or grammatical mistakes, fell free to inform me, or ignore it :D )

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